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Run a cursed zoo, badly.

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Manage a zoo of otherworldly, eldritch monsters! Zoo visitors are invited to gaze into the abyss, it's fun for all the family!

The Eldritch Zookeeper is a management/tycoon game, all about keeping a zoo of unpleasant creatures happy, and expanding it further, against all good common sense.

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Steam
  • More soon...

Matt Luard is a game designer from England, living in Canada, and The Eldritch Zookeeper is his second solo game since The Cat Machine was released in 2015. He does the code, art, animation, design, writing, etc, etc.

Peter Nickalls is a composer and musician, who previously worked with Matt on The Cat Machine's soundtrack, and returns for a second collaboration on The Eldritch Zookeeper.

Scott Gilmour is an actor and writer, who plays the part of the skeleton who tricks the zookeeper into his curse.

Full Description:

A down-on-his-luck zookeeper is fired from London Zoo due to certain tendencies arsonist tendencies. Apparently, setting ablaze the Jolly Woodland Creature exhibit is frowned upon. Frowned upon by zoo management, and presumably the woodland creatures themselves, who are decidedly less jolly now.

Taking an interview at the only zoo that would offer him one, our unfortunate zookeeper is deceived by a particularly well-dressed skeleton, and forced to manage a zoo full of otherworldly eldritch abominations. Surrounded by fangs, claws, tentacles can our zookeeper escape his curse?

The ghastly otherworldly portal is where new monsters emerge, monsters that require housing and feeding, and everyday human guests want to come see them and not get eaten. Build shops, bathrooms and other amenities for the comfort of zoo visitors, and keep the monsters peaceful enough to prevent a zoo-break (also for the comfort of the zoo visitors.)

Taking a mixture of inspiration from classic Bullfrog management games (Theme Park World, Dungeon Keeper) and modern survival games, The Eldritch Zookeeper is coming to a variety of platforms very soon!


  • A variety of bloodthirsty monsters to contain, feed and keep reasonably happy. Or else!
  • Build ice-cream stands, smoothie shops, bathrooms and other amenities to distract zoo visitors from the yawning void!
  • Grow your zoo into a thriving must-see, cannot-unsee attraction for all the family!


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