Announcing The Eldritch Zookeeper

by Matt, posted on Wednesday 21 October 2015.

The Eldritch Zookeeper - Spooky Monsters

After releasing The Cat Machine in August, I've been hard at work on a new game, The Eldritch Zookeeper! In this game, the player runs a cursed zoo, badly.

Unwisely accepting a zookeeper job from a suspiciously skeleton-looking chap, our unfortunate keeper must home and exhibit inter-dimensional cosmic horrors, all without endangering the general public.

The game is in the very early days of development, and by that I mean extremely early days of development. But why must we wait for the game to be presentable, polished, well-rounded to post about it? Probably very good reasons! Ignoring those, I've started a series of video development blogs where you can witness a game growing as if by magic, which is of course exactly how games happen. Here's the first development blog:

Mmm, checkerboard patterns, pasted on everything with no concern for proper UV coordinates! It's enough to make your eyes bleed.

In less ugly developments, I've worked on a series of concepts for the game using brushes and inks, because sometimes breaking out of the digital-only development process can breath some life into the whole act of creation. At the top of this post is an example of one of the monsters the player will be tasked with keeping happy, and keep it from tearing any zoo visitors to shreds. I've named them 'Hellions' and they're curious creatures, content to stare at you with their unblinking, white eyes.

Written by Matt.

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