Whatever Happened to Piano Cat?

by Matt, posted on Sunday 31 May 2015.

The Cat Machine - Music

The Cat Machine's music was created by Peter Nickalls. It's a tricky kind of game to create music for, chiefly because the player can be sat trying to figure out the logical puzzle of a level for ages. A common problem in puzzle-y games is that the music drones on and on, repeating the same melody sixty times, until you're entirely convinced the music itself is mocking you. Peter's answer to this common problem has been to write some very pleasant and almost-ambient pieces of music for accompany the gameplay. Lovely stuff.

The main theme of the game, on the other hand, is certainly not ambient:

Oh, by the way!

Matt's latest game is called The Cat Machine, and is available to buy right now!

It's a game of logic and cats, I think you'll like it.

To follow along with development, you can follow me on twitter @MattLuard, and you can follow Peter too, @PeterNickalls. The Cat Machine's coming very soon!

Written by Matt.

Who is also on Twitter.

His latest game is The Cat Machine, a game of logic.

And cats.

It's available to buy, right now!