The Guild Of Cursed Zookeepers

The Proprietor would like to offer you a grudging and half-hearted welcome to:

The Ignoble Guild of

Cursed Zookeepers


The Eldritch Zookeeper is a monster zookeeping game that is coming soon!

Join 'The Ignoble Guild of Cursed Zookeepers' to receive an exclusive playable zookeeper: Kristof, who is only available to Guild Zookeepers. Simply login with your Steam account, and join the Discord, to claim your exclusive character only available to Guild Members.

How does this work?

Step 1: Login with your Steam account.

Step 2: Connect your Guild Login to Discord.

Step 3: You're now a Guild Member! Claim a special, Guild-member exclusive Zookeeper Character for your Steam Inventory, and enjoy a special Discord server role.

Current Opportunities:


Kristof Even before becoming a cursed zookeeper, Kristof was already in a bit of a state.