The Guild Of Cursed Zookeepers

The Proprietor would like to offer you a grudging and half-hearted welcome to:

The Ignoble Guild of

Cursed Zookeepers

Zookeeper Guild's Privacy Policy

Like most websites we store a limited set of data about our visitors. We store:

  • Steam - To enable authentication, the Steamworks Web API is used, courtesy of Valve. Upon successful login, we save the Steam ID of the now logged-in user. We use the API provided by Steam to query for whether any Cranktrain games are owned by the user, what the present state of Steam inventory is for the game: The Eldritch Zookeeper, and for the user's Display Picture/Avatar. For more information on the API that Valve provide us please see the Steamworks Documentation.

  • YouTube -To grant the user certain in-game gifts, we allow the user to link their YouTube account with the Guild website. We use the YouTube Read-Only API to verify that a user has subscribed to the Cranktrain Games YouTube channel. For more information on what data YouTube saves, please consult the YouTube Policies.

  • Discord -To enable certain Guild perks, we allow the user to authenticate their Guild account with their Discord account. We use the Discord API to verify that a user is a member of the Cranktrain Discord Server. If they are not, they are added to the server, and a 'server role' is applied to the account. For more information on what data Discord saves, please consult the Discord Privacy Policy and the documentation regarding the Discord API.

  • Google Analytics -We use Google Analyatics to track web traffic. Please consult Google's Privacy and Terms documentation for more information on what data is stored.

We do not sure any of our user-identifiable stored data with any third-parties. Thank you for trusting us with your data.